Freedom is Precious: Liberty must always be protected- even in Perilous Times

We are living in tumultuous times. Our countries are slowly turning into Police states. Many people follow along like sheep, obeying their Governments, in supposedly Free western societies. But many people are waking up to truth and becoming conscious as well. If the shut downs would be conducive to eradicating the Corona Virus Pandemic and […]

Descent into Islam : Life in Peril-2

After the Winter Break the girls went back to the Islamic school and remained there,until the summer. They continued to learn the Quran and they became skilled readers and reciters, of the Quranic Arabic. There were different programs the school put on , where the girls recited and showed their progress in Quran. Our friend […]

Music and Instruments are Forbidden in Islam:Creativity Banned

When I first converted to Islam, I did not realize the extent to which this Ideology forbid everything that is beautiful, and that makes our lives so much more meaningful and exquisite. Nothing can fulfill us the way creativity and the many Art forms do. I feel grateful I was able to see the truth […]