The spring came to end, and the Islamic school closed for the summer. The girls had an end of the year Islamic program of reciting the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet,and then the school closed for the summer months. They had an end of the year picnic and they went for an outing at a beautiful park to close the school year.

The girls came home with just a week of school. They brought me some left-over food and Turkish dishes from their picnic. They had had enjoyed some good times in the school. They talked about playing games and jumping rope with their teachers ,when they went on a field trip to a different town. They laughed a lot about the picnic and the fun they had had. They usually never went on outings with the school. The girls were sequestered in the school home, and they hardly ever went out. This had been a change and they were very happy to see a more relaxed and joyful spirit in their Muslim teachers.

Most of the time the teachers were strict and did not seem to show much emotion. All the girls in the school had, had a good time at the picnic and they all had to say their goodbyes. They signed cards and my girls received cards with many Turkish messages from their class-mates. My younger daughter tended to be more sentimental about endings and good byes. She grew very attached to people and had a sensitive nature. She had grown attached to one older girl in particular who was like a big sister to her. She was 16 and my daughter, had just turned 10.

But it was disturbing to hear that this young girl of 16, would be married off in the summer ,and would not return to the school in the Fall. Her name was Semra. My daughter was sad, she would not see her for the upcoming year. I asked her if it was Semra’s choice to get married,but my daughter said it was not but she wanted to please her parents,and she had to be obedient to them. Many Turkish girls are very obedient to their parents and often strict Muslim parents marry them, off as a child brides. Even though it is a secular country,child marriage happens and polygamy is also practiced,with men having one legal wife and procuring other wives through Muslim marriages- that are not legal under Turkish law. In Islam a man is allowed to marry up to– four wives. Muslims often believe that Islamic laws are above the laws of the state,and they will follow the Islamic laws adhering those laws as Supreme,above all else.

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. Book 8-Hadith-3311).(www.

I had a Muslim woman friend who told me that Allah’s laws are above Man-made laws. She had known about A Syrian man who was a refugee in Turkey. He had two wives and had several children. He had brought both wives with him to Turkey,along with all children from both wives. One wife was not legal in Turkey and did not have legal status. I told my friend that polygamy was illegal in Turkey and ”didn’t this man feel uncomfortable with not following the Turkish laws”?

She smugly told me that” Allah’s laws are above Turkish secular law or any other law system”. I thought this was wrong and that he should follow the secular law, if he was welcomed in Turkey as a Syrian refugee. She kept saying Allah allows a man to have four wives– and woman can’t go against (Allah’s laws) as Sharia reigns supreme over any Western legal system. Often Muslims have this smug and arrogant attitude when they move to Western Free Societies. Muslim women are often complacent in their own oppression and misogynistic towards other girls and women.

And so this poor young girl Semra, would be married off to some older man in a village . Her rights and feelings would never be considered. Her talents and abilities would all go to waste. She would probably never finish high school or go on to University or Higher Education. Her future would be desecrated , by this– horrible ideology of Islam. This very immature teenager….still a child would be raped and forced into sex she would not want,– at such a young and precious age. She would not get to choose a partner out of love-out of her own free will and volition. Her life would be ruined under Islam.

Her parents had chosen a husband for her and she had no volition and freedom over her own life. It is a tragedy that young children and young girls are often married off like this under Islam. Old men feel it is their right to take young girls as wives- and to have up to 4. They follow their Prophet Muhammad, who had more then 4 wives,because of his status as the -Prophet of Allah. He also married his first wife Aisha when she was a child-6 years old,and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Muslims follow this example from the dark ages. State laws and Western laws are unimportant to them. They view the behavior and actions of their Prophet, in the 7th century as applicable for all times and places.

Muhammad was a pedophile and Islam condones pedophilia by marrying off young girls who are children and teenagers. The teachers at the school would often tell my girls to cover up around my husband and wear full Islamic dress and hijab. They were worried my girls would attract my husband. They were just 10 and 11, yet Muslim women blame girls for men’s sexual desires.

But my girls did like their teachers and they were adjusting to all the Islamic beliefs and teachings at the school. They told me when they were playing ,when men walked by they had to stop immediately and put on their full-sheet like- charshaff-burka like coat. Even girls jumping rope and just being kids – could attract men. It was very appalling and sad.

We spent the weekend together and the girls went back to school for the last week. I was worried about them having to be home for the long summer with my husband. I felt they were safer at the school and I was afraid he would abuse them. But the school closed and so they brought all their things from the school home. Miryem’s dad dropped them off and they unpacked and stayed in the room that was theirs.

Many Muslim women are very misogynistic and cater to the needs of men . Miryem and her mother came over to have a talk with my girls and I,since they knew the girls would be with Yavuz again, and exposed to his abuse. They brought us a few bags of food as charity- because they knew ,that I had often been hungry, and they knew Yavuz often did not buy food. They didn’t want the kids to go hungry.

They explained to the girls to always wear their Islamic dress around Yavuz. Even though he was their stepdad he could be tempted,they explained. In their mind it was the young girl s responsibility for men’s sexual desires. Miryem and her mother had grown up with Islamic beliefs all their life and could not understand a different world view. Women were to be obedient and subservient– in their minds. It is all Miryem’s mom knew of the way life was suppose to be and ordained by Allah. She told them to cater to my husband….bring him tea and appease him, so he would not become angry and abusive. Miryems Mom advised them to be quiet and stay in the room, when he arrived home for work. She said it would even be haram(prohibited in Islam) for them to be around him too much,as he was not their real biological dad. It was truly appalling, that they had these beliefs about girls so young as 10 and 11. It is like my girls were already little women and not children. Children need to play and be free,not have to worry about adult concerns;this is their right as children,and as adolescents.

They lectured to me about the importance of keeping the girls very quiet, and not to make my husband unhappy or angry. Miryem explained how her father had to discipline her mother when she was younger, because her mother misbehaved. It’s as if a woman is always a child ,even when she is an adult. The belief is that women are the weaker sex, emotionally and physically. Miryem thought hitting was wrong ,but yet she condoned it, by her misogynistic attitudes towards women. The man was above the woman and seen as superior within the Muslim family.

We struggled through the summer and the abuse escalated. Something had to change for the girls sake and safety.

Coming Next-Flight to Safety

Published by raquella36

I am an Ex Convert Muslim. I want to educate people about the dangers of Islam. It is a very oppressive ideology --especially for girls and women. I hope to help girls and women ,in any way I am able to,by sharing my story and knowledge of the horror of Islam. I was born in America,and grateful to be born in a free society;despite growing up in an Abusive family. Becoming a Muslim was a continuation of my abusive upbringing (metaphorically). I was not aware of this truth, at the time I converted to Islam. My empowerment was in leaving Islam, and in reclaiming myself as a free and powerful woman.

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