Welcome to my new Blog! I hope this site will help all who desire Freedom from Islam. I hope to help girls and women,in any way I am able to: by educating people on the harm Islam causes to girls and women and all people.

I hope to dissuade any women thinking of converting to this (Oppressive ideology). I hope to deter others from taking the horrific journey that I underwent -by converting to Islam. It wasted my life, and caused much pain to myself and my family.

Sometimes positive can come from a terrible experience. I am able to educate women- and all who want to listen and have a desire for the truth. I am aware of the truth of Islam ,and I have much knowledge to share,so we can prevent Islam from encroaching upon our Free and Western societies. We often do not understand the value of our freedoms,until we no longer are free.

By Raquella Levin

Published by raquella36

I am an Ex Convert Muslim. I want to educate people about the dangers of Islam. It is a very oppressive ideology --especially for girls and women. I hope to help girls and women ,in any way I am able to,by sharing my story and knowledge of the horror of Islam. I was born in America,and grateful to be born in a free society;despite growing up in an Abusive family. Becoming a Muslim was a continuation of my abusive upbringing (metaphorically). I was not aware of this truth, at the time I converted to Islam. My empowerment was in leaving Islam, and in reclaiming myself as a free and powerful woman.

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